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Upgrade to iVideoMAX 3.9

Price: USD 29.95 USD 19.95

(By upgrading you are entitled to receive unlimited free upgrades for a year)



Version summary of recent updates:
Version 3.9 (28th December 2005)
  • New interface design and fixes some design issue
  • New batch conversion
  • Stop video conversion just need a click
  • Bugs Fixes: The program allow to proceed with invalid video
  • Bugs Fixes: The program will clear the video description when opened second video onwards
  • Bugs Fixes: "Run time error" when cancelling the add video wizard
  • Bugs Fixes: Incorrect output file naming for "Picture to video" feature
  • Bugs Fixes: "Convert to MPEG feature" when pressing back, the videobitrate and framerate will be disabled
Version 3.8 (29th October 2005)
  • Improvement over the slow loading speed.
  • Fixes problem where the previous version will cause temporary "Freezing" on the screen during conversion from video to images.
  • Supported more video formats for video creation from photo.
  • Fixes minor bugs and minor design improvement.
Version 3.7 (20th August 2005)
  • Fixed: Conversion non-audio video file type does not work in the previous version.
  • Fixed: Video Player will cause error while playing non-audio video file type.
  • Fixed: Stopping a conversion may cause error in the previous version.
  • Video joining now support input formats: AVI, MPEG, MOV, QT, ASF, WMV and output formats: AVI, RM, MPEG, WMV
  • Video splitting now support input formats: AVI, MPEG, MOV, QT, ASF, WMV and output formats: AVI, RM, MPEG, WMV
Version 3.5 (23rd April 2005)
  • Feature major improvement over the video creation from images feature.
  • This version allow to select background music with range of frame rate and AVI codecs to choose from.
  • Output video width and height can also be set and all created videos can later burn as VideoCD as photoslide show.
Version 3.4 (16th February 2005)
  • Version 3.4, features improvement on the video joining feature.
  • IVideoMAX now be able to merge video file from unlimited of input files. The previous version can only support maximum of 5 input video files.
Version 3.2.5 (14th December 2005)
  • Version 3.2.5, fixes major bugs on the previous version. This fixes the problem with recognizing certain video files and convert it correctly.
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